Monday, August 25, 2008


I foolishly tried coming off of naproxen, which has for the past couple of months had a miraculous effect on my fatigue. I tried skipping one of my two daily pills on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday afternoon it was just like old times. I was incredibly fatigued and dizzy. I felt like a zombie. I also experienced an increase in roaming, burning joint pain, as well as chest pain. The pain to the back of my head is always bad, even on the meds, but other pain has subsided quite a bit since I started taking naproxen.

I took both pills yesterday and took my morning one today, and I'm already feeling a little better. The problem is that it seems it will probably be quite some time before I have any hope of real treatment, and the naproxen has started to irritate my stomach. Something has to give.

If I need to take some time off the meds and slip back into zombiehood, it'll have to be some other time soon, since I'm in the midst of a ton of work in my office and a ton of other work for the office I'm transferring to. I need enough energy to make it through!

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Laura said...

Ugh, I remember having to play the "off all your meds" game. No fun at all.

I hope you're stomach has healed nicely and that the endoscopy goes well.